In every culture and sub-culture there are unwritten rules and etiquette that all members and students must adhere to. It’s the same for the BJJ culture. 

  • Try to arrive 10 minutes prior to any scheduled class. If you are late for the start of the class assume front position outside the mat, wait for the instructor’s attention, and ask permission to join the mat.
  • Be Honest/Respectful to others
  • Stay Hardworking/Morally Correct
  • Always bow to the Instructor before and after the class (this is a form of mutual respect between Instructor and Student)
  • Never step on the mat with your shoes, always wear your shoes while walking outside the mat area.
  • When the instructor calls for line-up do so quickly and quietly
  • Give your attention to the instructor during instructions
  • Respect all of your instructors and teammates
  • Respect and understand the hierarchy within the martial arts. You must know your place on the mat. The longer you have trained the higher your belt rank the more seniority you have
  • Remove all jewelry you could injure yourself or teammates
  • Stay hygienic, long hair tied back, fingernails and toenails clipped, hands and feet clean, deodorant, etc.
  • No food or drinks allowed on the mat
  • No foul language will be tolerated
  • Cell phones must be on vibrate or silent mode during the class
  • Do not ask higher belts to spar with you, you may ask the same belt rank or lower belt rank to spar, this is to help equally match skill set when sparring to prevent 1 sided matches which do not benefit either student.